Score for Singapore
by Sleepless Knights, Nanyang Polytechnic

We look at an incident during the 2015 SEA Games and see how our National Anthem unites Singaporeans.

Entwining Hearts
by Team C, Nanyang Polytechnic

We cannot take racial harmony for granted. We need to understand and respect one another.

What is Strength?
by D.B.R.W-ing, Nanyang Polytechnic

As a few students come together to help their classmate, they discover that there is much strength in unity.

String of Singapore
by Nacho Cheese, Nanyang Polytechnic

A messy ball of string slowly unravels to tell the story of how Singaporeans stuck together through thick and thin.

Raindrops for Tomorrow
by Sunshi.N.E, Nanyang Polytechnic

A mother recounts her experiences during the 1963 water shortage in Singapore.

Everyday Heros
by LYNDA, Nanyang Polytechnic

Ordinary Singaporeans come together to fight a robber in their path.

The "Limited Edition"
by Roastea, Nanyang Polytechnic

A young boy journeys through life, inspired by the National Servicemen he meets.

by Why are we N.E.mate, Nanyang Polytechnic

A young girl takes interest in her father's Army boots and discovers the meaning of defending what is important to her.

Beneath the Shadows
by No Vacation, ITE College Central

While Singaporeans may have diverse backgrounds, we have a common identity that unites us as one.

The River of Life
by JaJangMyeon, ITE College Central

You will love this beautiful sketch of the Singapore story reflected in the Singapore River.