story creation

The story ideas you submit:

  1. must express the theme sufficiently and clearly,
  2. should show how we can contribute to Total Defence; and
  3. should, ideally, be entertaining or inspiring.

View the presentation below for some ideas on how to start doing this.

Mobile device instructions: You will need (1) your earphones, and (2) install the Prezi app, which is available on both Android and iOS. Tap on the “maximize” button after you start playing the Prezi, and it will launch the app. Tap to the right or to the left of the maximized screen to advance and back-track respectively. Desktop computer instructions: You need your keyboard and mouse. Make sure you have either speakers or earphones plugged in. The Prezi should be played in maximized view for the best experience. Prezi Navigation instructions: prezi instr Ideation

This presentation will take approximately 15 min.