Entries that were picked for Top 40

Example 4

The Singapore passport has changed many times over the years, from white to blue to red. However, it has always been an indicator of a Singaporean identity. Over the years, we have grown and changed like the passport, encountering difficulties and struggles that have been overcome by our national spirit. For example, when hotel new world collapsed back in 1978, Singaporeans came together and helped save those trapped under the rubble. When Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away, Singaporeans helped out one another through the difficult times. With each area of Singapore visited, a chop is put in the passport as a record of how Singapore's unity has helped us through tough times and kept us strong. The blank pages in our Singapore passport represent our future, blank for now but soon to be filled in with chops of Singaporeans working as one to keep Singapore strong.

Why was this entry picked for Top 40:

  • It is based on an interesting seed idea - that the Singapore passport is a symbol of a Singaporean identity.
  • The idea of having a stamp (referred to as a ‘chop’) added to the passport with each place or era visited is highly visual.
  • Meaningful and metaphoric - how the blank pages in the passport represent the future, and how they will be filled by Singaporeans (meaning, how future Singaporeans will continue adding to the Singaporean identity).
  • It has a lot of possibilities for expressing the general Total Defence message, through the scenes of the places or eras that will be visited.

What could be better:

  • We could have been shown how the two examples - Hotel New World collapse and LKY’s passing - would look like when presented through the passport and stamp metaphor.