Entries that were picked for Top 40

Example 3

(HAND GROWS OLDER AFTER EACH SCENE & STORY FOCUSES ON THE HANDS) baby hand enters scene and draw sg flag with crayon (signifies hope for the future) hand transitions to form a gun shape and the boy is pictured playing with his friends of different races (social defence). boy squints eye and looks into fake hand gun and transitions to boy holding a real gun and aiming at something. he looks up from gun and throws grenade into the far distance. angle follows that of hand as he launches the grenade (military defence). the hand transitions into a scene where he is doing cpr for a old women who has fainted. (civil defence) CPR position transitions into him as an old man pulling a young boys hand and the joins a group of people who are already holding each others hand. The boy completes the closed shape and the camera zooms out to show all the people's faces and further zooms out to show they all form the TD logo.

Why was this entry picked for Top 40:

  • It’s highly visual; by reading it, you get a good idea of what it will look like on screen.
  • It has a strong identity running through it - the hand that is present in all the scenes.
  • It is meaningful - the activities performed by the hand are relevant to the general Total Defence message.

What could be better:

  • The idea features four defences (out of five). Though it is not a must to cover all five defences, it feels incomplete when it is missing only one.
  • Using capitalizations and punctuations, where appropriate, will make it easier to read (and understand the idea).