Final Tips for Story Entries

As a team, you should submit a minimum of one story entry, up to a maximum of five story entries.

Describe your story and its main concept as best as you can.

You may write it regularly, or in point form, so long as it is clear. For poems or songs, stanzas are fine.

Note: Your entries, regardless of length, should tell real stories, or have something meaningful for your audience to learn or act upon. There is a difference between a story filled with facts and figures, historical travia, or just “ra-ra”.

Read these actual entries from past seasons to have a better idea of what we are looking for:

Entries likely to be ignored
Example 1 Example 2
Entries likely to be considered
Example 3 Example 4
Just so you know, Examples 3 and 4 made it into the Top 40 of N.E.mation! 12.