faq: registration - student category


Q: What is required for a complete registration (before 11:59pm on 12 August 2018, Sun?
A: Your team will be required to register their leader, 3 or 4 team members and submit minimum one story entry and maximum five story entries to qualify as a complete registration.

Q: Must I have all team members and story ideas before I can register?
A: No. Your team need not have all team members. Only the team leader is required to register the team. Input of the team members and story/stories can be done down the road but MUST be completed before registration closes on 12 August 2018, Sun.

Q: How do I know that my team has successfully registered?
A: You will be directed to a confirmation page and a confirmation email will be sent to your team leader and teacher-in-charge. If you are not directed to the confirmation page or no confirmation email has been received on your end, please write in to us at nemators@nemation.sg.

Q: Can I register one member in 2 different teams?
A: No. Each student can only be registered with ONE team and your NRIC is used to verify that. If you are trying to change teams, please remove yourself from the previously registered team before registering a new one. If you encounter problems, please contact us for assistance.

Q: Do we have to submit an animation clip before 12 August 2018 (Sun)?
A: No. Your team only has to submit a story idea. Other than workshop lessons, no animating will be before the Top 10 teams are chosen.

Q: When do we have to complete the clip and submit?
The clips will be done with the aid of the instructors during the production period between 19 November (Mon) to 4 December (Tues) 2018, after the Top 10 teams have been chosen. Check out ‘Competition At A Glance’ to see the competition timelines.

Q: The teacher-in-charge reflected on the registration form for my school is incorrect. What should I do?
A: For ease of registration, there will only be one teacher-in-charge for each school. If the teacher-in-charge shown on the registration form is not a teacher from your school or your school would like to change the teacher-in-charge, please write in to us.

Q: Can I also register and take part in the Youth category?
A: No, the Youth Category is meant for individuals 17 to 25 years of age (inclusive)If you fall within this age range, you can participate in the Youth Category instead.

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