Top 10 (Season 6)

Thanks (:

Heyy (:  This is KokYin from DREAMATION!  Thanks for voting for voting for us! Without all of your support, we might not have even gotten 2nd! I would also like to specially thank:  Miss Hazel (Enjoy your trip kay!)  Miss Wei Tyng (Haven’t seen you for so long!) Miss Seah (My teacher in-charge)  and my […]

Reflections …

Hello all! It’s the last 2+ days left for voting and everybody is crazily trying to garner more votes. Welllll, in my opinion, there’s nothing bad about it but there is another important thing to do though. And that is to reflect on oneself. So, here we are, reflecting on our animation clip and together […]

VOTE FOR JELVETICA!!!! And other things.

I know voting’s ending soon and this is a little late but remember to vote for us if you haven’t! Again, there are FOUR ways you can vote for us, that means 4 votes PER person!! (Because some people still don’t understand how this works) Through web, mobile web (that means you need 3G), SMS […]


Hello all! It’s Xin Yi from EATYOUUP here. Anyways, it’s been approximately 2 weeks since voting has started and if have yet to cast your wise decisions on any of the 4 platforms, it’s not too late to do so because you’ve still got 1 WEEK to go! Setting that aside, we’ve been fooling around […]

Hello again!

Yup, Dawn here again! No, we are not gone yet. Hmm, we have been doing our own stuff after production’s over and all that. So, anyway… THE CLIPS ARE NOW UP! They are all really pretty and stuff after the after effects and all that. I am pretty proud of our clip since you can […]

Vote for us!!!!!!

Hi,People!I am jun kang from Team Reveille! pls note that the voting for NEmation 6 is starting from 18 jan till february 7.So please check out our animation,Our magic number is C6.And our animation can be found on the official NEmation website from 18 jan .Just search “You are the influence C6 NEmation’ and you’ll […]

Jelvetica – Wrap Party

Hello! This is Bianca reporting again, this time about the Wrap Party that was held on the last Friday of production! It was a wonderful experience and I could understand why Daphne was so excited for it (seeing as this is her second year doing NEmation!) and I wasn’t disappointed! The confetti, the dancing and […]

Jelvetica – Week Three

Hello! This is Daphne here! I’ve been sent here to report to you on our third, and sadly, final, week of NEmation production. This is a pretty delayed post so pardon me if I miss out any important details. In the third week, all we had left to do was the last couple of scenes […]

Jelvetica – Week Two

Hi this is Alyssa! Week 2 was extremely tiring and hectic as we were very much behind schedule as we had some changes to our character, and production was already supposed to begin in Week 2. Originally, we had planned to separate the character’s body parts. However, we made the decision to scrap the previous […]


YEP WE MUSN’T FORGET! Foremost we want to say that WE <3 MS HAZEL because she’s been so encouraging for the past 3 weeks and she always scolds us in a funny way whenever we draw our lines too thickly or cleanly or shade our drawings too dark or too light or we don’t close […]